Another outrage on the loserweb about Trump blocking some so called model on his twitter account.  I doubt if the POTUS sits down and reads the replies to his TWEETS, I doubt if he personally blocks anyone.  Then again, I once had a Twitter account , rarely used it, found it a waste of time and haven’t seen it in at least a year. I guess the new social media madness will never stop and only continue to get worse.  People bitching about losing public handouts but still manage to pay for internet service , makes me wonder.

I need Football

It’s Monday and it’s raining again.  Another week of maybe news and the typical outrage of liberals and conservatives on any comment section you can find.  A few comments from me won’t change a thing but here they are.

10 Illegal’s dead in a tractor trailer in a Texas Wal-Mart.-  Nothing new here actually, until we get serious about the illegal problem this will continue.  Locally a bunch of protestors showed up at the sheriff’s office to protest police cooperating with ICE.  Some even bragged about being illegal, too bad they weren’t arrested.

OJ got paroled –  Conservatives are outraged ,  I guess some people can’t seemed to concentrate on the facts of that case and keep dragging in the old murder trial.  The average armed robbery conviction receives 3 to  5 years in prison, he has served almost 9.  He may have killed people, I really don’t know, I wasn’t there.  He was tried and that is over.  I am kind of surprised the number of so called conservatives who are just as guilty as the liberals they keep attacking with double standards. You either support the law or you don’t.

Chalie Gard case-  The parents have decided too stop seeking treatment do to the child’s current condition.   It seems this is a perfect example of what happens when the government controls medicine.  I have no idea if the child would have recovered of not, but when the Dr’s and the Courts take that decision out of the parents hands and claim it’s in the child’s best interest I am calling bullshit.  If you want single payer this is where we are headed, remember the so called death courts, they are alive and well in some countries.


More Russian bullshit-  Did outside parties try to influence our elections? Of course they did, just like our government and corporations try to influence other countries elections.  We will waste a shitload of time and money to prove nothing.   The only people really pushing this so called issue is the press.

It’s raining again and I am bored

I use Google News as my home page on my puter,  I know Google might was well be called All the Liberal news you can stand but I am lazy and have bookmarked other sources.   A few things that made me think.


  1. I have been following the Charlie Gard news with a bit of interest. The brits have socialized medicine and the judges and doctors have decided the child needs to be put down.  The parents don’t agree, guess who would have won if the press had not got involved. All those in favor of single payer government medicine need to pay attention.
  2. Game of Thrones is the most important thing in the world.
  3. Only one in four Americans strongly support Trump. –  I wonder if they polled the same people that said Hillary would win.  I have never been called on a Poll, strange.
  4. A family in Arizona was swept away in a flash flood, 9 dead. –  Sad but what the hell were these people thinking.
  5. Ann Coulter is pissed because she paid for something and the airlines didn’t deliver. Twitter is going crazy.  Who cares, then again the Airlines rep has been taking a beating, much deserved beating from what I have been reading.
  6. Elon Musk is warning the world again about something, who the hell is Elon Musk and what makes his opinion worth a crap?
  7. A white woman was killed by cops, Twitter goes crazy.  No explanation as to what really happened other than from a “ Well Informed Bystander”.  She wasn’t black so what is the problem?
  8. A woman has 27 contacts in her eye. Wonder if she voted for Hillary.  Never mind she is a brit.
  9. After years of research, Coffee is good for you, until the next research determines it is bad for you.


It seems a country has accused the Washington Post of lying!!!! I am shocked. Strange morning, Trump must be losing his charm, no screaming headlines yet about Don Jr,  Trump’s wife, his golf club or if he took a dump in the White House.  Stand by I am sure there will be something that pops up so that the liberals can lose their tiny minds all over again.

Liberals want a war, but hate guns

I like the weekend not for the reason you might think.  It seems the press takes a minor break on the Trump bashing, I guess it is just not important enough to miss time at the beach.  Since I basically can do a whole lot of nothing all day , I can cruise the web and the comments and wonder if people actually read the crap they put out for public viewing.  Common sense,  basic education and the ability to spell seems to be lost among the opinions.  It is just not the liberal side , the conservatives have a fair share of idiots too but seem to be badly outnumbered .  Talking points seem to be,, Russia bad,  Trump dumb, orange, 45, conspiracy,   mixed in with all Trump supporters are sub human , freedom hating apes.  On the other side liberals are snowflakes,  drug addled and of course name calling from both sides.  Facts don’t seem to count for much unless cherry picking is concerned.   Now my bias opinion.

  1. Did the Russians hack the election?
    1. I have no idea who fed the press and other agency’s the DNC’s and Hillary’s emails and other data.  The CIA, FBI, and other , foreign agency have the ability to copy cat each others techniques, so it is not important who, but was it the truth.
    2. All countries have tried to influence other countries elections. This has been going on forever and it won’t go away.
    3. No machines were hacked, according to Obama’s administration.
  2. Hillary won the popular vote.
    1. Who really knows, and it  really doesn’t matter.
    2. The electoral college is the key and Hillary and the DNC knew that and failed.
    3. There is voter fraud and it is worse than either party wants to admit. Example, just check the woman who voted for Obama 12 times from Ohio.
  3. The liberal party is much more violent than the conservative party.
  4. Having a private server and sending or holding classified data is
    1. I held a clearance for over 40 years, the rules are plain and you have to be trained and take a class every year. I couldn’t even have classified data on a government laptop that was not encrypted and tracked.  Classified data can’t be held on a private computer.
  5. I am not worried about Russia, I am worried about ISIS, and other Muslim extremist groups.
  6. North Korea has been a world problem since the 50’s and won’t go away unless the North Korean people do something about it.
  7. Illegal’s are a major problem, and I blame the democrats.  I have a friend who’s daughter was in the military and raped by an illegal, her  niece was also raped by another illegal in a different state, that girl had medical problems .   We all see the news every day and that is just what the media wants us to see.



There are plenty of other issues that have been caused by the previous administrations from both sides.  Looking the other way doesn’t fix the problem, ignoring facts doesn’t change the issues.

Lost my PW, not sure I care

If you have ever been to downtown Charleston you probably have been down in what is called the battery area. If you were lucky you could park and walk along the historical area down to White Point Garden where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. The local semi elected officials have decided to raise the sea wall by two and half feet, (Global warming of course), part of the plan is to do away with any parking in that area. Great idea you morons, it’s hard enough to find a parking spot in Charleston as it is, so eliminate a few more. I have stopped going downtown in the Summer months, the tourist are here and traffic is horrible and besides I have seen enough people with flip flops and socks to last me a lifetime. Charleston is exploding with population, new industry moved in to get away from the northern Union Gestapo . but as per usual they want it to be like back home. Never mind back home was a shithole and that is why they left. They are shocked it’s hot and humid in the summer, thunderstorms are part of life, some are shocked that horses pull carriages, they love to shop in what they believe is the old slave market. Charleston loves to preserve history, but only the select part, don’t buy a 200 year old house and plan to modernize it, they will let it fall down in the street while they debate what color to paint it. When it rains hard the streets flood , no big shock since a lot of Charleston is on reclaimed land, they have been fighting that for years, millions spent on drainage and bike lanes to nowhere. The nickname is the Holy City due to all the Church’s, it could also be called the Hospital city, 6 major hospitals in the downtown area, all with parking garages and they are building more. Don’t get me wrong, I love going downtown at times and I am familiar with the streets, which ones to use which ones to avoid. I wouldn’t live downtown on a bet, the city fathers can’t make up their mind what they want to be, and there is no place to expand. The balancing act is failing, and the new liberal leaning city administration is not helping.