Congress is beyond broken.

So a bunch of Democrat Congress Critters have decided that they no longer represent everyone in their district or state.  Just another sign of how broken Congress has become.  Representative and Senators represent everyone in their respective state or district, not just the  Democrats who voted them into office.  These low life individuals represent only themselves, making a statement not based on the views of those people who elected them, but on over sized sense of importance. Like it or not one candidate won another one lost, the office of the President is more important that just one person, the peaceful passing of the torch of the office is a powerful statement of the Constitution.  Attending the inauguration is not a stamp of approval of the person that won, it is respect for the process of our country selecting a leader and the office of the President of the United States of America.

It’s life

Back to life takes time, six months of dealing with the cancer has ended, now the after effects.  The twice a week drive to the hospital,  pill schedules,  visits from nurses, and countless other things have suddenly stopped.  The impact has now spread, those that thought this was going to be cured, those that have never faced death on a personal level.  The sudden realization that someone is gone forever, a friend lost a brother gone.  Telling a five year old his favorite uncle will never see him again, and watching in wonder as he walks off and says, Ok,  I will see him in heaven.  Going through personnel effects and trying to decide what to do with them,  unused Christmas presents, Christmas presents not delivered.  Dealing with grief so deep that it hurts and nothing can be done.  I know time will heal the hurt to a degree, but it will never go away, you are changed forever.  The realization that when you pass, those that you love will have to deal with these feelings and have to deal with the unfinished business. Simple things, like who does his taxes,  what about his house?   No wife and no kids is  a blessing and a curse, but each day the sun will come up, and his memory will fade and be revived again on his birthday, the holidays, the pain will return a little less but still there.  In the coming years that too will fade but other crisis will take its place.

It’s over

Stepson passed today at 1:45 PM.  The whole family was there , very peaceful, only two days in Hospice.   It’s been a long six months, high hopes dashed by cruel reality.  As most families do we only heard what we wanted to hear from the doctors.  The subtle warnings where there but we ignored them.  Now we continue.

I need new ammo for Christmas

Up early again, critters all fed and happy. I see the democratic liberals are still at it, blame the Russians, blame the Constitution, blame anything but the total loser they backed. Here in Charleston, the nut job that murdered 9 people in a church has been found guilty, now the sentencing phase begins. Too my way of thinking he should have been taken out of the court room and shot at the end of the trial, but I am not known to be a patient person. The other trial where the cop shot the crook is going to be re-tried, of course the NAACP and other Black People Can’t be blamed crowd is pissed because it wasn’t a conviction. I have been following the trial, and it is not a simple case as presented by the press and the always offended crowd. Too my way of thinking if you wrestle with a cop, shoot him with his own taser and then run, your dumb ass deserved to shot, the fact that you are driving a car you don’t own, have outstanding warrants for child support and are basically a blight on society doesn’t help your case. Here in the local area the black thug Christmas shopping has picked up, a few mall muggings, a shot up walmart, packages being taken from porches, the usual, too damn bad they now have all those camera’s placed everywhere.  Oh well, it’s that time of year to make sure I have my conceal carry card in my billfold and polish my bullets.