Might be time to change the title

I am no longer in the south and I am not sure about being a Hoosier anymore.  I do know I am sick and tired of politics and the bullshit commercials.  Looks like the weather has changed I now own a heavy jacket and gloves and a stocking cap. I will post more often I promise , but thanks to whoever bought my brother and I the meal last night.Yes we are both vets. Only in the heartland

Yes I am alive and its getting cold

It is hard to believe that I have been back in Indiana since June with a trip in July to South Carolina to try to fix what is not fixable. It seems some changes are new for Word press,  I guess I will figure it out in time.  Time, a strange term, it keeps on marching, doesn’t care about politics, people, animals or anything it just keeps moving. On to other news, as I stated before I am back at work, it seems the world of the military and the word of the civilian are not as connected as I thought.  The large company I work for is using AS400 computer systems run on chron tabs . Someone told the non leadership that is the hot system.  I don’t want to break the truth to them, that would lead to moving up the ladder and I have had enough of that. They are trying on Lean Six Sigma , again I don’t want to hurt the fantasy that this is the answer to years of inept leadership.  I work in a newly created section that sorts out returns and call back items.  I am a quality tech according to thier pay scale, in truth I am a clerk.   But it is a job, 15 minutes to work, nothing hard just boring and repetitive.  I work 50 hours a week, again some managers idea , no idea why and really don’t care.  There are plenty of other jobs available within the company and in the local area.  

I guess I have been spoiled by having a process or SOP that works.  Since I have been her I have read 94 process’s and procedures none of which are specific to my area.   The training in this section is word of mouth and this how we have done it before.  It can be fixed but it would take a long time and lots of effort.

Other than that, it seems we have skipped early fall and went directly to almost winter,  

On other news I am now a cat daddy to two kittens.  Don’t ask.


Can you spell Warsaw?

No not that Warsaw, the one in Indiana.  Yes that is where I have planted my new home or  a one bedroom apartment.  As I have said before I am working again, it takes a while to adjust from non work, and the 10 hours a day , 5 days a week is a bit much but I am getting use to it. I have additions to my Indiana family,  my sister had adopted a stray kitten,  well  stray kitten was kicking her little old dogs butt so I ended up with kitten.  Since I am working a long day schedule I decided one kitten is going to get in trouble, so I adopted another kitten from the local animal welfare place.  A week of hissing finally ended and they have decided to be best buddies.

Work is work,  Warsaw has turned from the RV capital of Indiana to a medical body replacement parts capital.  Everyone is hiring here, but they have from my point of view major issues, but since I am no longer a boss, I show up do my work and go home.  The best part is some one has sold them that the cure for thier problems is Lean Six Sigma.   Oh well,  good luck with that crap.

Still Alive

A lot going on in my life. I have a job, working in the upstate. Starting a new life, I had my doubts about what happened ethings have cleard up and I realize I was on a sinking ship. I realize I was not made for retirement,  and I have no problem working, I find working in a pure civilian enviorment strange,  supervisor’s seem to be hired on anything but skill and the ability to inspire and motivate their workers.  I am currently reading through SOP’s and so call Process and Procedures.  There doesn’t seem to be any order which these should be read or even why some exist.  It is likeing reading a policy for a rocket engineer when your job is to drive a forklift. I am sure someone in upper managment is proud that everyone has to read all that crap but it sure doesn’t help anyone do thier job,

Sorry I didn’t see your buggy

I am living upstate Indiana,  close to the Amish communities.  I am getting use to Indiana roads again and the constant constuction which is trying to beat the upcoming winter.    Another thing I have noticed is a lot of help wanted signs.  I think I have caught up on my tenderlion sandwich cravings.  I made a trip up to the South Bend area in search of my youngest brothers grave,  I didn’t find it but will try again later.  My cousin and her husband are coming to Ft Wayne for a marble show, yes the kind we played with as kids.  One of my Sisters is coming to visit with my other Sister in the old home town so it will be a busy weekend.  I seem to remember summer being a bit warmer in Indiana but maybe that is just me .

I return to the labor market

Being a bit bored I took a job at an unnamed Indiana provider of car parts. I was hired on as a Inspector by a contract company working for the company.  The pay was nothing to get excited about but the company seemed to have its ducks in a row from the HR briefing I received.  The company requirements was for inspector to follow their process to the letter.  I reported for work and found reality far from the company written requirements.  The so called supervisor was too busy to bother having me read the companies process and inspection requirements.  She pushed me off to another inspector for training, it continued to go downhill from there.  I walked to the inspection area which was not far, I spotted three OSHA violations in the short walk,  the so called trainer pushed half  a dozen pages of required documentation for the process.  A quick five minute instruction on the inspection process on the parts that were being inspected.  My background made this easy, nothing I had not done before, but that is not the point.   The 8 hour shift went by pretty quick , parts inspected , most passed and those that didn’t were kicked back to the actual companies auditor.  I will talk about the paper work mess later.  The end of the day back to the so called office,  I was directed to sign out, no problem then  the idea that I had not signed off on the briefing book which had multiple sections dawned on the supervisor.  Since I had signed out she had me come in early the next day.  We stayed there for 15 more minutes since the supervisor had the only key card to leave.  This was 15 minutes of gossip time.  The next day I showed up as required, went through the process and procedures book, which took about 15 minutes and back to work.   I happened to notice three or four more OSHA  violations that I had not noticed the day before.  Once again , end of the day, 15 minutes of gossip then she had us sign out.  The company that this company was contracted too was as bad if not worse than this so called professional inspection company.  I can see why both companies have difficulty keeping a work force.   At the end of the week I informed the supervisor I would not be returning, and counted out the reasons.  She was highly offended that I would challenge her and asked if I was going to report to the home office what I had said.   I don’t know if I will ever be paid since she never bothered to get me an employee number.  The paper work itself was a joke,  one document for the contracting company and four for the prime company.   All this does is drive none reporting of non conforming product.  Since the prime company provided parts to GM,  GM was the one driving the train for a third company inspection,  now the prime company could document that there inspection process had improved and that the need for a third company inspector was no longer needed.  I don’t know who approved the paper work process but they shot themselves in the foot,

All in all , nice people to work with, horrible management from both companies and unless they change something both companies will have major problems in keeping employees with the unemployment rate at its present rate.

It’a home but it isn’t

Back home again in Indiana.  I have been back since early June, some of the things are familiar a lot not so much anymore.  The cornfields are still here and look to be doing well, much better than when I was a mere teenager.  I visited a few towns that I grew up in and around, the story seems to be the same or most them.

The small towns are dieing,  now mostly wide spots in the road.  There are some signs of recovery but it seems to little to late. I was surprised by the number of hispanc’s in the area.  There seems to be a lot of planned road constuction with little or no activity.  Miles of orange cones with contstruction ahead but no one actually working. It seems strange to go to a grocery store and be able to buy Jack Daniels and wine but no cold beer.  Meijer is a new experience for me, seem to be a slightly upscale Walmart.  The experience of driving the two lane roads and all the four way stops is coming back to me.   I have already been reminded about the farm implements on the highway that have grown huge.

The grass and fireflies are reminders of my childhood, the grass smells different and it has been years since I saw so many fireflies.  I had forgotten all the Indian names as well as the Omish pressence.

It is the same but it is not,  progress won’t stop, I know that but some things are  not really progress.