Which shit-hole is worse,, Michigan or Mexico

One of the things causing false outrage is some guy in Michigan that was exported on MLK day. It seems he fell outside the guidlines of DACA and had been living in the states for 30 years, working , paying taxes and raising a family.  Yeah, I  know ,, boo,hoo, flood of tears from the left.   What they fail to mention is how do you pay taxes with no SS number?  Did he register to vote and vote?  Did he have a drivers license? How many lies did he tell to stay in this country?   The bullshit mill is at full printing capacity from the lefties.  Depending on which comment you read he has tried  to become a citizen , spent all kinds of money, on and on and on.   Well he is now in Mexico and not Michigan, I am sure it is warmer ,  all he really did was go from one shit-hole to another shit-hole. I am betting he will be back.

Are your rights more important than mine?

I have rights !!!! We see that a lot, but with rights come responsibility which is the other side of the coin people seem to forget.  I see the first and second amendment rights claimed on a daily basis from both sides of the political fence. Both sides cherry pick both of them, but forget such things as “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Freedom of the press doesn’t mean they should not be held to a standard. Our forefathers didn’t see the internet, didn’t see a semi monopoly of main stream media.  I am all for publishing facts, but we long ago went to opinion versus factual reporting. We have headlines that do not match the body of the article. Finding both sides of a story is rare, and when you do there is always something that is implied but not explained.  Sadly our education system continues to fail in teaching students to read and digest what actually was printed as to what was implied.

The second admendment brings even more outrage. Finding the documentation and notes behind the admendment is difficult if not impossible.  The fact that it exists and the Supreme Court has ruled on it more than a few times, makes the original intent not so clear. Personally I have no problem with restrictions on who can own a firearm. I support background checks and restrictions to some fire arms. I don’t think we need more laws, but enforce the ones we do have.  My background is not typical, I grew up hunting and spent a large part of my life with weapons.  I view them as tools,  just like a shovel or a tractor. The responsible use is the key. We will never stop shootings, we will never take all the weapons off the street. We can force a change by enforcing the law, make criminals pay the full price and stop the excuse bullshit

Today is not 1852

Dr. J. Marion Sims , oh never heard of him? There is a statue in Manhatten that activist are demanding to be removed.  I had never heard of him so I did a Google search of course. I guess the activist only read part of his history.  It is amazing how stupid people are when it comes to history. Comparing today’s attitudes to attitudes 200 years ago is insane. What will be the attitude towards anything we take for granted in 200 years?

The Big Thaw has arrived

We are thawing out,  for the first time since the first we won’t have a nightime temp below freezing.   We still have a lot of snow on the ground but with the temps going above 50 for the next week or so and rain later this week it will soon be a bad memory.  I finally made it out of the hood yesterday,  I drove the wife’s car a BMW X-5 which is all wheel drive, even thought its a 2013 model it did well. The truck is staying put for a bit , two wheel drive and a pickup makes for a light rear end, which is not a good thing for ice and snow.  This state is not a snow belt state, we don’t have the equipment in the numbers like back in Indiana , we don’t need to invest that kind of money to have it sit around and rust.  Upstate SC is a different story, but down here in the low country we just have to wait for it to warm up. I am a bit puzzled by the Air Force base being closed, which is shared by the Air Force, Commercial air and the Boeing plant.   I know there is equipment available but since there was no military urgency it was probably decided not to take it out of storage.   In other new my old employer had people come in starting Friday and working through the weekend. I was told one person fell in the parking lot and broke an arm, I am surprised that is the extend of injuries.  I can’t go into details as to why the sense of urgency to keep working but as when I was there, government supervisor are really good at covering thier ass.  Since the snow is melting they now have some major problems they haven’t planned on,  due to my past experience at that place and knowing who is in charge now.  I hope no one gets killed but it is dangerous work, but the people in charge won’t leave the warm office.


Here we go again, the state’s rights versus the federal government.  I think this was kind of settled about 160 or so years ago. The latest two things that grab my attention are the Illegal aliens and the pot thing.  California is a shining example of how this is working, declaring itself a sanctuary state and legalizing recreational pot.  Colorado and Washington State are not far behind, not sure about Oregon. The federal government has to make a decision, ignore it or do something to make states comply.  The pot question is actually fairly easy; make a federal standard for pot just like there is for alcohol and cigarettes.  Let the states decide to make it legal or not and the punishments for abuse.  I am not going into the right or wrong of smoking pot,  I have my opinion and observations from using and being around users many , many years ago.  Medical extraction of certain elements of pot is another discussion.  If pot is made legal and regulated it cuts the drug lords profits and they don’t want that.   Bringing pot across the border is big money, if it no longer illegal and imported legally guess what happens.


Now the really big questions, the sanctuary city bullshit.  The government needs to come down hard with a big hammer.  Cut funding,  arrest and prosecute people who violate federal law to include local and state government representatives.  If needed federalize the state national guard and enforce the law.  It will be painful and some so called innocent people might get sent back to the country they left.  Build a wall and defend the wall,  don’t screw around with deportation with the court. If they are caught they need to be exported within 48 hours unless there is a crime involved.  Prosecute all illegals to the fullest extent of the law and sentence to Guantanamo for the sentence to be served.  I know, I am a heartless prick,  but when a family friends daughter who was in the navy is raped by an illegal and a mentally challenged girl from another close family is raped and murdered by an illegal I have not one shed of sympathy for any illegal.