NFL Draft,, why?

Soon it will be 70 trips around the sun. I really don’t need another year like the last one. Retirement sounds great until you realize it sucks and all those thing you wanted to do no longer interest you. We had a good rain early i the week, the grass needs cutting and the damn cat is hiding again and I am not sure I want to find him.

Rain, Thunder and Kim

We have rain, finally.  We have been under a moderate drought for a month or two, nothing horrible but very little rain, thus the lawn sprinkler has been active. I know boring crap.  I see that the fiasco of changing history is alive and well in New Orleans, I am sure taking down the statues will fix everything that is wrong with that shit hole of a city. News making liberal heads spin is the movement of a US fleet towards Korea, the fact that this happens all the time doesn’t seem to interest them.  I guess the idea that liberal education doesn’t include much about reality. I spent two tours in Korea, the North has always been sabering rattling, and the real truth is , the US Military is there just a much to keep the North in check as it is to keep the South from going North.  One of the things I had to do while stationed there was to get qualified to fly the fence separating the North and South.  This qualification required a mandatory visit to the so called peace village also known as Panmunjom, the only place I ever saw a  6’4” in South and North Koreans, even the American guards have to be over 6’2.  The whole thing is a political circus from both sides. The North has a model city with a huge flag , in which no one lives, the South has made their side look like going to Disney.   Flying the fence reveals a more dramatic truth, rolling hills and mountains, mile after mile of no man’s land , filled with land mines and constant patrols from both sides. On the east end , two airfields that look identical from the air, navigation beacons that set to the same frequency. A few years before my first tour an American Helicopter landed at the wrong airfield, resulting in the death of a crewmember before they were returned to the south.  During my tours the American forces were headquartered in Seoul, they have since moved further south.  The real facts are if the North decides to invade , Seoul will be destroyed, millions will die before the North is stopped.  We went down that road in the 50’s, and no one in their right mind wants that again.  The only reason that North Korea remains is because China uses it as a political tool to a point. The Kim’s dynasty is maintained because its easy to control, the current Kim will more than likely have a serious medical issues in the near future and be replaced is my feelings.

Ramblings on one cup of coffee

I haven’t posted in a while, things have settled down a bit in the last two months.  As they say life goes on , seasons change , the sun comes up and you keep going. Locally the liberal assholes are starting to back off a bit, I guess beating the same old drum finally put a whole in the damn thing. Out local College of Charleston was the center of the student activity until the health department shut down a bunch of their hangouts due to rat infestation. Our own mass murder has been found guilty and sent to jail for the rest of his life, which will probably not be very long, which is a good thing. The government case against a local cop who shot and killed a member of the safe space race is slowly falling apart. Its funny how evidence shows how a video can be wrong.  The Zac Brown Band cancelled a festival due to happen in May, kind of piss’s me off but I had not bought tickets yet.

The grass and weeds are in full bloom, and my riding lawn mower is fixed,  I could have done the tune up and replaced the blades myself but I am lazy and the local lawn mower guy is fast and cheap.  My weed eater and pole saw are now battery operated,  but the rest of the lawn equipment is gas, I am doing my part to stop global bullshit warming.

I live on what use to be an old rice plantation,  around here plantations pop up all the time as the housing boom increases. This was actually an old real plantation, the  old plantation house and slave cabins are long gone.  We have our private boat ramp and no HOA, we do have a citizens committee but they are fairly lax.  The restrictions we have our few,  so it is not unusual to see a big ole puppy wondering the hood , and damn near everyone has  a boat in the driveway.  Our local crime has been up and the hood is not happy, not good news for the wanna be thug’s since damn near everyone has a least one gun.   One of the neighbors put up a sign outside the entrance and is says “ Thieves we don’t call the cops , we call the funeral director”.   We have not had a break in since.

Our ex governor is now at the UN and her replacement is dealing with our version of government.  It looks like our gas tax is going up, not really a shock since the money to fix the roads has been diverted to other feel good projects across the country by Obama and his crowd of stupid.  I see the gas tax increase seems to be across the country, I guess that happens when vehicles get more miles per gallon and the experts didn’t see that coming.

I have lived in SC for around twenty years ,  this state has its issues just like all the rest but our economy is doing well.  This is a right to work state, which I think does have an impact.  Boeing, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes , and the supporting companies are open and doing well.  The outside union organizers keep bitching that the wages are no the same as California or Washington, then again the cost of living is a lot lower. Our education system is as broken as the rest of the country, I guess no one can accept some kids are just plain stupid much like their parents.

Enough for today, time to cut grass and water the garden, Ya’ll have great day and slap a liberal for Jesus.

Who cares

When I see a headline these days, I take it with a grain of salt. It seems that the headline is rarely supported by the article, the words suspected, rumored , unknown source is usually found in the article.  An example is the latest  outrage over the suspected gas attack in Syria. I read a few articles on the suspected attack from major news sources, no where in any article was there a mention that maybe the bombs were not the actually source of the suspected chemical / gas attack. Maybe it is just my background that I found it suspect.  The whole thing just doesn’t pass the common sense test. Why would the government use chemical weapons knowing that the whole world would condemn the action?  Does it make sense that the rebels had captured or manufactured chemical weapons and had stored them, I think it does.  Personally I don’t care, a dead muslim is a good thing in my view but then again I am an asshole who would rather they kill each other on their own ground.  This whole Russia thing is just stupid. I would much rather have Russia as neutral or an ally then an enemy.  I have no clue who released or hacked into the democrat server’s, and I don’t care.  The more I read I strongly suspect the CIA, or one of our other spy agency’s.  I find it funny that people are naïve enough to think that we don’t impact other countries elections, so I would expect the same from other countries.  What exactly is a Russian connection?  What exactly was the impact? Finding out that the democrat’s rigged the primaries for Hillary didn’t seem to cause the outrage that someone talked to a Russian. Hell I hope someone is talking to the Russian government, I have no doubt that both campaigns had some sort of connection but in reality what was the impact?  How many voters switched because of what was revealed in the Wikileaks releases?  I think the democrats lost because they failed to realize that the special interest message drum they kept beating had grown old and voters were tired of the same old same old. The country was tired of special interest groups and the agenda’s that were not main stream. The whole LGBT movement is it’s own worst enemy,  the perceived message is that the LGBT community is smarter and wonderful and to be admired may not be the intention, but that is what is out there.  The women’s rights message is also full of special interest groups, the equal pay thing is bullshit and we all know it.  The women who are whining about it are a very limited group and everyone of them is a salary position, who gives a shit an actress doesn’t make the same as an actor? I won’t go into the abortion fiasco, that has been settled.  The race relations issue has been set back with eight years of blame from the Obama administration,  blaming the police community for a few bad cops is wrong but the Obama administration was happy to do just that.  I have no idea nor does anyone else how the Trump administration will turn out, we are way to early in this process but the nay sayers and haters will continue.

Damn Liberals are stupid

It is beyond amazing the fits, crying, whining and just behaving like a two year the democrat party has become. You can throw a few republicans in that mix just to be fair. Everyone one of those so called congress people was elected to represent the will of the people or state, depending how you believe. I don’t vote for a person so they can throw their personal beliefs against the wall and see if it sticks, I voted for them to represent my interest.  I can’t believe how stupid some of these congress critters have become. I you represent a district that voted for Trump and you are constantly voting against Trump you are some sort of retarded, self centered idiot. Guess what happens the next time you come up for election.  We have had eight years of Obama getting his people in position; it will take a while to get them out. Liberal judges who rule on feeling instead of the law have become a serious issue. The President has the power by law to limit and control immigration, that is not up for debate, Judges who form some sort of bullshit opinion based on feelings are dead wrong. This whole made up media circus on the Russians impacting the election is all smoke and mirrors. I really don’t care who gave Wikileaks the emails , it just proves that he democratic party can’t even secure it’s own data.  Personally I would not be surprised if it was the CIA that leaked the emails. This weeks media heartburn is about the selection for the Supreme Court, of course he is qualified but that is not the point, it’s because the democrats are butt hurt and stupid. I see the defunding of some of the useless UN Programs is causing old hippies to have fits, if it was up to me, we would withdraw from the UN, and kick them off US property.  The Trump family is of course under attack, the fat ugly democrat women are pissed because he has a good looking wife and daughter, and a son in law that they wish had married their fat hooker daughter. Eight years of Obama , hating the law, loving muslims, and creating a health care fiasco has not taught the democrats anything, other than corruption is a normal way to operate.  The liberal keep claiming that there is a revolution coming, they had better hope not, the gun owing conservatives are tired of this bullshit.

Getting old

The main stream media Trump bashing is getting old. I have even seen idiot liberals on Face Fare declaring they want all out war.   One lib claimed the military would be all in for the liberal cause.  Oh well you can’t fix stupid even with duct tape.