Pizza is the new black

It’s Saturday morning and a quick look at the so called news.  Seven Sailors missing in a collision at sea,  a sad day.   Bill Cosby trial is over and basically nothing determined, of course the media has convicted him, that is what they do, no need to have a jury. Some dumbass girl texted her boyfriend to suicide and has been convicted, another sad day no matter how you feel.   A police officer was not convicted of murder, which piss’s off more liberals, too bad they don’t bother looking at all the evidence. We of course had the liberal nut job shooting up Republicans but that is now old news and the liberals can’t be blamed its all Bush’s fault,,oops make that Reagan, oops, never mind its Trump. Will we have more shootings, of course we will, civility has been dead a long time, blame it on guns, trucks , knives, but the real problem is people. I am all for free speech , but common sense seems to be missing.  I am sure that we are talking about the fringe of the liberals or at least I hope so, but the fringe is what is being pushed and it appears the more moderate liberals are afraid to speak out.  An American that went to North Korea is back home , he is in bad shape according to the news releases, I am sure he thought everything would be just like at home, guess what very few countries let you get away with the things you can do here.  I know that seems heartless but it’s the truth.  In other words just another day in the world, one last thing , an article on the upcoming eclipse says that temperatures will drop during the eclipse, I guess that big shiny thing in the sky might impact climate.  I need to read the Paris accord to see what we can do about making the Sun get its act together.

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